Saturday, March 8, 2014

The suit – should we only wear shirts with it?

                Well, it actually depends on the circumstances. It depends on the place, occasion and on the situation. Sometimes, on more relaxed situations, a blouse can be an option too. Important is to know when and what you should wear with it.

Can be the suit considered just a caprice?

My opinion is that it can’t, definitely a suit isn’t just a caprice. Actually, it’s a symbol of elegance and was created for the ones who want to be respected, stylish and within the latest trends.
                The suit is not just a trick of the fashion designers to have something to show on catwalks, but a sophisticated outfit which has continuously improved over time.

The suit –does it worth it?

Wow, yes, good question, does it worth it to struggle wearing a suit all the time?
                I’m asking if it’s worth it because you already know that it requires some sacrifices and I’m talking of course about comfort.
The suit also requires higher expenses but no doubt it’s worth it considering the image advantages you have by wearing one and if you love the style then it’s even easier.

The suits – a necessary bad thing?

Well, I’m saying that because for many people suit seem uncomfortable to wear. Nevertheless, there are people who love them in any circumstance.
                Style demands sacrifices so it’s not always easy to be dressed as if you are walking on the red carpet. In the end, an elegant outfit is often a little uncomfortable but it’s a small price to pay when looking fabulous.

The suit- only when going to work?

The reasons to wear a suit are many and bring you a lot of advantages, that’s obvious. Still, we can only wear suits at the office?

                The answer to this question is actually in you. It depends on your life style, on what you wish for, on your personality.

The suit – a symbol of elegance

Is it a suit a symbol of elegance? No doubt that the answer is yes.
                The history of suit is quite long and its evolution is kind of sinuous, but things are pretty clear now: all designers, fashion specialists and people all around know it and stand for it – the suit is a symbol of elegance without second thoughts.

The suit – the best choice when going to the office?

                Is it or not the suit favorite when going to the office?

Of course the answer depends a lot on what kind of job you’re having. But usually, no matter the type of the job, it’s hard to go wrong with a suit.